ImPACT Pediatric,
the only FDA-cleared concussion assessment
aid for ages 5-11



Pediatric concussion management is a growing concern. ImPACT Pediatric gives healthcare providers the tools to be proactive and the data to be confident in their approach to concussion evaluation for patients ages 5-11. Use ImPACT Pediatric to establish baseline data in healthy patients, to provide insight into cognitive changes if an injury occurs, and to aid in the development of a personalized course of treatment.



Use a normed and validated tool that is brief, easy to administer, and accessible to younger children.

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Measure multiple key aspects of cognitive functioning in a computerized test.

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Enjoy peace of mind knowing your patient data is protected.

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Offer the only FDA-cleared product of its kind and benefit from the ImPACT Advantage™.

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ImPACT Pediatric is quick, efficient, and interesting for children to complete on the iPad. It also provides norm-referenced baseline data for ages 5-11. ImPACT Pediatric makes it easier for the clinician to monitor recovery and ultimately to inform return to play decision.
— Thomas G. Burns, Psy.D., ABPP Board Certified Subspecialist in Pediatric Neuropsychology
We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to deliver ImPACT Pediatric baseline testing to the community over the past 18 months through our research partnership with ImPACT Applications, and we have seen its benefits.
— Linda Mazzoli, Director, Jefferson Comprehensive Concussion Center


  • An iPad-based platform that takes 10-15 minutes to complete
  • Designed to hold a child's attention
  • Delivered 1:1 with a parent or guardian present
  • Available in English, Canadian French, and Spanish

Now there's a normed concussion evaluation tool designed, researched, and validated specifically for younger children.

ImPACT Pediatric is a neurocognitive test battery that provides healthcare providers with objective measures of neurocognitive functioning for evaluation and management of concussion in individuals ages 5-11. ImPACT Pediatric also delivers and scores symptom inventories and questionnaires.

Because ImPACT Pediatric is individually administered via an iPad, it is easy to use in a clinical setting.

Cognitive speed and impulse control
Immediate and delayed memory
Nonverbal spatial span

ImPACT Pediatric measures multiple key aspects of cognitive functioning in a computerized test—including cognitive speed and impulse control, immediate and delayed memory, nonverbal spatial span, and more.

Use ImPACT Pediatric to objectively measure the major areas of cognition most likely affected by a concussion, including aspects of attention, memory, and cognitive speed.

Older age groups are often baseline tested before injury, but the concussion management process for children hasn't typically been initiated until after an injury has occurred. Now that can change. ImPACT Pediatric is a FDA-cleared, research-based tool developed to provide proactive, objective data and to address a lack of available resources for efficiently and effectively measuring neurocognitive function in ages 5-11.


  • Conduct baseline testing for your well-child patients

  • Incorporate ImPACT Pediatric post-injury testing into your head injury protocol

  • Document symptoms of a possible concussion as reported by both the child and the parent/caregiver

  • Produce a comprehensive electronic report of test results, with age-referenced normative comparisons
  • Email or download patient results

Technology and Security that Gives You Peace of Mind

There are many advantages that can be gained by collecting and managing electronic patient health records. There are also privacy and security risks that must be addressed. When you use ImPACT Pediatric, you can be confident that you have a data security plan that can withstand wide-ranging scrutiny and that meets global security requirements.

ImPACT Pediatric test data is stored in a secure database and encrypted at rest and transmission. ImPACT complies with HIPAA and all applicable Principles defined by the EU Directive 95/46/EC (Data Protection Directive) and PIPEDA.


The ImPACT Advantage™

ImPACT Applications is a name that is known and trusted when it comes to concussion management. Since 2006, over 10 million ImPACT tests have been administered to over 7.5 million individuals aged 12-59. Now, you can offer your patients ages 5-11 the same advantage with FDA-cleared ImPACT Pediatric. 

As an ImPACT Pediatric user, you join the ranks of others committed to comprehensive concussion management. In addition to tests, you receive access to ImPACT Pediatric-specific training, educational resources, and the ability to become a credentialed ImPACT provider.  Don't wait. Contact us to realize the many benefits that come from the ImPACT advantage.