• An iPad-based platform that takes 10-15 minutes to complete
  • Designed to hold a child's attention
  • Delivered 1:1 with a parent or guardian present
  • Available in English, Canadian French, and Spanish

Now there's a normed concussion evaluation tool designed, researched, and validated specifically for younger children.

ImPACT Pediatric is a neurocognitive test battery that provides healthcare providers with objective measures of neurocognitive functioning for evaluation and management of concussion in individuals ages 5-11. ImPACT Pediatric also delivers and scores symptom inventories and questionnaires.

Because ImPACT Pediatric is individually administered via an iPad, it is easy to use in a clinical setting.

Cognitive speed and impulse control
Immediate and delayed memory
Nonverbal spatial span

ImPACT Pediatric measures multiple key aspects of cognitive functioning in a computerized test—including cognitive speed and impulse control, immediate and delayed memory, nonverbal spatial span, and more.