Use ImPACT Pediatric to objectively measure the major areas of cognition most likely affected by a concussion, including aspects of attention, memory, and cognitive speed.

Older age groups are often baseline tested before injury, but the concussion management process for children hasn't typically been initiated until after an injury has occurred. Now that can change. ImPACT Pediatric is a FDA-cleared, research-based tool developed to provide proactive, objective data and to address a lack of available resources for efficiently and effectively measuring neurocognitive function in ages 5-11.


  • Conduct baseline testing for your well-child patients

  • Incorporate ImPACT Pediatric post-injury testing into your head injury protocol

  • Document symptoms of a possible concussion as reported by both the child and the parent/caregiver

  • Produce a comprehensive electronic report of test results, with age-referenced normative comparisons
  • Email or download patient results